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Our Motive

We started Greensapien to positively impact the world in the domain of climate change and global warming. The Greensapien word was coined by Sciglyph Exploration®, which represents specific homo-sapiens who are concerned about global warming and keen to put their effort towards its mitigation. We are a brand whose sole mission is to eradicate global warming with a global effort.  Since 2023 we come up with this theme where we try to connect people on a global scale through our platform and allow them to mark their role in climate control projects designed and executed by Sciglyph Exploration® the parent company of Greensapien. We believe winning the challenge against global warming can only be entirely possible when every individual plays their role. We develop tools, techniques, activities and products for community engagement and awareness of global warming climate change and Earth-related issues.  Any individual from anywhere on this planet can feel proud by wearing our clothes because his/her one simple step is not only educating the society towards our planet and the negative anthropogenic effect on it but also their purchase makes it possible to mitigate a certain amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. So engaging with Greensapien can be a remarkable step in achieving a net zero by 2050 with a global effort. 


What we do

We believe that awareness, action, and alternative (the 3 A) are the keys to fighting global warming and climate change. These 3 A are the three pillars of our functioning at Greensapien whereas the fourth pillar is the research and development unit of our parent company (Sciglyph Exploration). In the awareness section, we design creative and innovative activities where students and any individual can participate and drive awareness at an accelerated rate.  The action section is responsible for installing and executing projects designed and developed by Sciglyph for the eradication of issues like global warming, pollution, etc. The activities in the action section involve afforestation, urban forestation, carbon sequestration, waste management etc. The alternative section designs and develops, eco-friendly products to replace the plastic, polyester and nylon-based products from our daily life. 

About SciGlyph

Sciglyph Exploration Private Limited Logo

SciGlyph Exploration is a research-based private limited company, aimed at solving the world's requirements in the field of natural sciences and engineering (NSE). A group of research scholars from IITs with different research backgrounds started SciGlyph in 2020 where other innovative minds can research together to build an eco-friendly society and fight global warming. Along with the founders, the current research team members are highly innovative and have expertise in different corners of science and technologies and most of them have a Doctorate. SciGlyph has an exclusive advisory committee for technology, management and business, legal activities and branding; consisting of professors, scientists, industrial experts, and lawyers from leading institutions and industries throughout India. The vision of the SciGlyph is to renovate the Earth (both human and wildlife habitable zones) towards a carbon and pollutant-neutral ecosystem and to reduce the dependency of human civilization on non-renewable sources of planet Earth. To achieve this mission SciGlyph solely relies on the scientific means of exploring, researching and developing innovative ideas using various techniques and tools of Earth and allied sciences. The roadmap for SciGlyph's vision hovers over four main sectors with different sub-categories. The main sectors include energy, materials, geosciences and complex fluids. SciGlyph is taking the lead in adopting and developing green technologies and processes. SciGlyph would be grateful to collaborate with other scientific and management organizations and individuals for two-way knowledge transfer, business insights, and incredible support.

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