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What do we do in our Missions?

The missions executed by the Greensapien team are afforestation, urban forestation, and carbon-sequestration projects involving biological and geological carbon sequestration, e.g., growing forests, enhanced rock weathering, mineral carbonation, etc. The scientific design of the project is done by the research and development wing of Sciglyph Exploration and is executed by the Greensapien workforce or more appropriately the climate saviours.  On the line of this theme, we are presently designing a biological carbon sequestration mission of growing an indigenous forest to capture at least 100000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide and we named this  Mission 01.  The proposed timeline for Mission 01 is from the onset of the Monsoon in 2024 till September 2024. Several research activities are going on in Sciglyph Exploration to develop an eco-friendly environment e.g. urban forestation strategy, small-scale renewable energy units, water bodies development for groundwater recharge etc.   


What is carbon sequestration and the techniques used in it? 

The most often produced greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. The technique of extracting and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is known as carbon sequestration. It is one way to lessen global climate change by lowering the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The two main forms of carbon sequestration techniques are geologic and biologic. The ability of ecosystems and living things to naturally store carbon is known as biological sequestration. Particularly effective carbon store habitats include forests, peat wetlands, and coastal wetlands. The practice of storing carbon dioxide (CO2) underground in geologic formations is known as geologic carbon sequestration. There are other geological processes like enhanced rock weathering and mineral carbonation which help address climate change by taking carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the rocks for hundred of thousands of years. 


What is the objective of our missions

The present era is facing a serious issue of global warming which is directly affecting the climate patterns and, the planet's bio-diversity and accelerating few natural hazards. If untreated or not considerable measures are taken the future of the planet and its flora and fauna along with we humans is not supposed to be healthy. The fundamental cause of this global warming is surplus greenhouse gases in our atmosphere where carbon dioxide has the majority of share. But the good thing is that this surplus carbon dioxide in our atmosphere can be captured and stored using various scientific methodologies. Several steps have been taken by governments, non-profit organizations etc. but we believe that the rate of acceleration of global warming is beyond the speed of measures taken in their mitigation. So a global effort involving every individual is crucial because the planet is for everyone. So we came up with this platform where we give opportunity to individuals to mark their role in our missions of mitigating global warming. Our users not only just buy our products but indirectly they are involving themselves in our missions. Every year we humans emit approximately 40 Gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere and the natural phenomena of Earth are not capable of storing it. So we have to enhance the natural phenomena of storing this carbon dioxide from our efforts. 

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