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Only one planet has this luxury, "Embrace it"
We are not just a brand we are on a Mission

"Save Planet"




Greensapien Magazine

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Greensapien Record, where we publish technical notes, scientific discussions, urgent dialogue, short reports, and new findings in the domain of Earth and Planetary Science, Energy and Environmental Science and
Engineering. Greensapien Record is a quarterly magazine which is freely available for readers on our digital space

1st Volume coming in July

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Features of being a Greensapien 


You are educating people about planet Earth and its issues


Each engagement you do with us  helps in  mitigating a certain amount of CO2 from atmosphere through our actions


Having been a planet saviour 


Marking your role in fight against global warming and retarding the climate clock


Because you know there is no planet B

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